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Widgets R Us - 999 Words

2612 Widget Parkway Los Angeles, California 95757 OFFICE (213-546-2803) FAX (213-546-2805) Request for Proposal Training services for Workforce Employees Training on Microsoft Office Programs Inquiries and Proposals Should Be Directed To: Ben Johnson Professional Development Coordinator Widgets â€Å"R† Us EQUAL OPPORTUNITY EMPLOYER/TRAINER WIDGETS â€Å"R† US 1-800-649-3778 EQUAL OPPORTUNITY EMPLOYER/TRAINER WIDGETS â€Å"R† US 1-800-649-3778 Introduction to the company Widgets â€Å"R Us is a high performing company that provides the production of a wide range of widgets to both the†¦show more content†¦Employer and organizational reference requirements The organization or individuals responding to this RFP must provide information on qualifications to provide this training service. Evidence of substantial knowledge and experience in successfully developing and delivering training. Evidence of knowledge and experience providing services to the workforce development entities. Inquires Submit specific questions regarding this via email to Ben Johnson at In order to ensure equal dissemination of information pertaining to the RFP, all submitted inquires via email will be forwarded to all proposal offerors who identified themselves as interested bidders. Proposers must file a Intent-To-Bid email with Widgets â€Å"R† Us before submitting any questions in response to this RFP. Electronic or hardcopy proposals must be received by Widgets â€Å"R† Us no later than 4PM PDT Monday, June 6, 2011. Proposals that are received after the due date will not be considered. Electronic proposalsShow MoreRelatedRelationship Between Marginal Cost and Marginal Revenue1104 Words   |  5 PagesAccording to a particular sequence for maximizing total profit, you need to augment the variance between total revenue and total cost. Total revenue comes from the sale of the firm’s output (widgets in this case); this is the amount that will com e from the selling of widgets multiplied by the quantity of widgets sold at that same price. A firm needs two parts when calculating economic profit; total revenue and total cost. Total costs are the sum of implicit and explicit costs. Implicit costsRead MoreEssay Solutions for Mcdonald Chapter 62832 Words   |  12 PagesChapter 6 Commodity Forwards and Futures Question 6.1. The spot price of a widget is $70.00. With a continuously compounded annual risk-free rate of 5%, we can calculate the annualized lease rates according to the formula: F0,T = S0 Ãâ€" e(r−Î ´l )Ãâ€"T ⇔ F0,T S0 = e(r−Î ´l )Ãâ€"T S0 = (r − ÃŽ ´l ) Ãâ€" T F0,T 1 ln T S0 ⇔ ln F0,T ⇔ ÃŽ ´l = r − Time to expiration Forward price Annualized lease rate 3 months $70.70 0.0101987 6 months $71.41 0.0101147 9 months $72.13 0.0100336 12 months $72.86 0.0099555 TheRead MoreSupplying Gloria Smithson s Company With Necessary Widgets1157 Words   |  5 PagesIntroduction This paper is about presenting all the existing proposals regarding supplying Gloria Smithson’s company with necessary widgets. Although supplying widgets from domestic suppliers is advised in most of the cases for a number of reasons, we’ll examine here a couple of other options that may be more appropriate for Mrs. Smithson’s case. In particular we are going to examine a proposal coming from the same state Gloria Smithson’s business is located along with two more proposals from overseasRead MoreLaw 310 : Week 5 You Decide- Taking Business Global1522 Words   |  7 PagesImplications 5 Protection from Personal Liability 7 Conclusion 7 References 9 â€Æ' Introduction This memo has been created to present all current proposals in regard to the supply of widgets for Gloria Smithson’s company to meet the requirements of current orders by customers. Though the ideal supply of widgets from domestic based companies is advised for several reasons, we will examine other options that may be more beneficial for Mrs. Smithson’s company. We will look at a local proposal comingRead MoreProject Selection1157 Words   |  5 PagesSelection The Project Management Office (PMO) task, per our company’s vice-president Wendell Deirelein, is to review Piper Industries Corporation’s upcoming project selection candidates to determine the best way forward for their production of the widget. In response to your request to evaluate the three projects, Juniper, Palomino, and Stargazer, we have developed the opinion that Juniper is the most beneficial project to undertake, in both monetary and reputational returns. Recommendation Reasoning Read MoreA Brief Note On Penalty And Profit : A Story Of Manipulation1047 Words   |  5 Pagesrelationship became further strained when news spread of China (allegedly) using currency manipulation (also called â€Å"currency intervention†) to decrease the value of yuan (the Chinese currency). China used currency manipulation by buying large amounts of US dollars using yuan. Doing so increases the supply of yuan in the foreign exchange market which causes an increase on the price of the U.S. dollar. The U.S. and the World Trade Organization (WTO) have been divided on a solution: to aggressively penalizeRead MoreProject Management Recommendation For Company s Future Growth1450 Words   |  6 Pagesto capture more market share in our specialties. As mentioned in your email note, â€Å"the first project Juniper is an enhancement of a current widget being offered by the company, the second project Palomino is a new line of widget products including enha ncements using existing technology, and the third project Stargazer is a production of completely new widgets† (University of Phoenix, 2013). Based on the information provided out team will perform the through analyses and provides the recommendationRead MoreSocial Welfare Vs. The Market958 Words   |  4 Pagesand just decide not to feed their family or pay bills. Poverty is a state when individual’s essential needs are not satisfied, Such as healthcare, education, food, and housing which are the main components to survive everyday life.† Bradley, R. H., Corwyn, R. F. (2002). Low income is defined as working families who earning twice as less as the federal poverty line. â€Å"The Studies have shown that poverty in the United States is by far one of the biggest issues in the country.† Poverty in the UnitedRead MoreBusiness Formations : The Legal Environment1143 Words   |  5 PagesSmithson’s family a summarized and explanatory paper that will advise them regarding their will to create a business, which will be able to grow steadily and feasibly expand globally. Due to the nature of their invention, which is a revolutionary widget, this is a viable and feasible option that has to be taken seriously. Gloria Smithson is concerned about her family member’s liabilities and our effort will be focused on narrow ing personal liabilities. This will be achieved by selecting the mostRead MoreImportance Of Websites For Business?1603 Words   |  7 Pagesbuy a domain name, have a hosting provider that provides us with the desired storage space, or host it ourselves by purchasing a reseller account. Then, we need to install a customer management system (CMS) such as WordPress, Joomla, and Drupal. CMS are meant to manage web content, digital content, make a website with no coding experience, and can potentially establish customer relationships. These are important because web content enables us to do business by interacting with and attracting our customers

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Hamilton vs. Jefferson Political Philosophies of the 1800s

Two competing political philosophies have always existed throughout the United States’ relatively short history: one seeking to increase the power of the central government, and one seeking to decrease it. During the 1800s these two conflicting philosophies were acted out by the Federalist and the Democratic Republican parties, respectively. The Federalists, led by Alexander Hamilton, advocated the importance of a strong central government in leading the country forward, while the Democratic Republicans, led by Thomas Jefferson, promoted increasing the common man’s role in government. Although both political parties had good intentions for the future of the United States, the Federalist Party was much more effective at uniting the American†¦show more content†¦In contrast, the Democratic Republicans put large amounts of power directly in the hands of the people. Jefferson believed â€Å"in the common sense of mankind in general† and distrusted the centra l government. Democratic Republicans feared the tyranny of an all-powerful national government capable of operating unchecked and unchallenged without the consent of the people. However, their fears were largely unwarranted; the Constitution would not allow for such an oppressive government to exist—even if interpreted loosely—because of the numerous checks and balances put into place by the Founding Fathers. They ensured that the Federal government would always perform the will of the people. However, Jefferson would not compromise and insisted on preaching his outmoded conspiracy theories. Jefferson even went so far as to say, â€Å"Every government degenerates when trusted to the rulers†¦alone. The people themselves are its only safe depositories.† Unfortunately, this apprehensive philosophy did not work very well for the American people at all; it encouraged the development of factions, anShow MoreRelatedEssay Comparing Strict and Broad Constructionism7 55 Words   |  4 PagesComparing Strict and Broad Constructionism It was 1800, when vice president Jefferson succeeded Adams in the role of president. Jefferson stressed republican virtues of independence and equality and his belief in a frugal government. With his inauguration, the transfer of power to the Republican from the Federalists intensified a political conflict between the two political parties. Even though Jefferson stated in his inaugural address that we are all Republicans, we are all FederalistsRead MoreHamiltonian vs Jeffersonian Democracies5550 Words   |  23 PagesAlexander Hamilton, advocated the importance of a strong central government in leading the country forward, while the Democratic Republicans, led by Thomas Jefferson, promoted increasing the common man’s role in government. Although both political parties had good intentions for the future of the United States, the Federalist Party was much more effective at uniting the American people, avoiding domestic faction, and keeping the best interests in mind for the future of the United States. Hamilton saidRead MoreOne Significant Change That Has Occurred in the World Between 1900 and 2005. Explain the Impact This Change Has Made on Our Lives and Why It Is an Important Change.163893 Words   |  656 Pages E SSAYS ON TWENTIETH-C ENTURY H ISTORY In the series Critical Perspectives on the Past, edited by Susan Porter Benson, Stephen Brier, and Roy Rosenzweig Also in this series: Paula Hamilton and Linda Shopes, eds., Oral History and Public Memories Tiffany Ruby Patterson, Zora Neale Hurston and a History of Southern Life Lisa M. Fine, The Story of Reo Joe: Work, Kin, and Community in Autotown, U.S.A. Van Gosse and Richard Moser, eds., The World the Sixties Made: Politics and CultureRead MoreStephen P. Robbins Timothy A. Judge (2011) Organizational Behaviour 15th Edition New Jersey: Prentice Hall393164 Words   |  1573 PagesConsequences of Political Behavior 426 Factors Contributing to Political Behavior 426 †¢ How Do People Respond to Organizational Politics? 429 †¢ Impression Management 430 The Ethics of Behaving Politically 434 Summary and Implications for Managers 435 S A L S A L Self-Assessment Library Is My Workplace Political? 412 glOBalization! Power Distance and Innovation 420 An Ethical Choice Should All Sexual Behavior Be Prohibited at Work? 423 Myth or Science? â€Å"Corporate Political Activity Pays†

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The American Dream in The Great Gatsby, by F. Scott...

The 1920’s was a time of great change to both the country lived in as well as the goals and ambitions that were sought after by the average person. During this time, priorities shifted from family and religion to success and spontaneous living. The American dream, itself, changed into a self centered and ongoing personal goal that was the leading priority in most people’s lives. This new age of carelessness and naivety encompasses much of what this earlier period is remembered for. In addition, this revolution transformed many of the great writers and authors of the time as well as their various works. The Great Gatsby, written by F. Scott Fitzgerald, perfectly symbolizes many emergent trends of the 1920’s. More importantly the†¦show more content†¦To make this possible, Gatsby has to secure a high status in society to even be in the same circle as Daisy or even have contact with her. After this, he waits as week after week passes, â€Å"half exp ecting her to wander into one of his parties, some night† (79). Eventually this paid off because one night Tom and Daisy decide to attend one of Gatsby’s celebrations (104). Gatsby now has attained his status as part of his American dream through this, and, in his mind, is closer to achieving the other parts as well. Fitzgerald’s experience during the 1920’s was one of great influence on his life and writing. In relation to the novel, he led a life based on status and shallow relationships, and this was typical of the time period he lived in. The decade of the 1920’s changed the way the typical American’s priorities were ordered. Even Fitzgerald â€Å"relied on personality, which depended upon appearance, grooming, gesture† (Lehan 58). The fact that the author lived this kind of lifestyle shows how it influenced his writing including The Great Gatsby. The disillusionment of Gatsby’s dream in the story is caused by these choices and changes that Fitzgerald experienced throughout the 1920’s. In addition, Fitzgerald shared a similar routine as Gatsby as he was a frequent partier and drinker (Brackett 58). This most likely produced the leading role that the image of parties played in the story. Fitzgerald’sShow MoreRelatedAmerican Dream : The Great Gatsby By F. Scott Fitzgerald1280 Words   |  6 PagesProfessor Ludwig 10 November 2014 American Dream The ideal American Dream is that every citizen in the U.S. may have a promising future, happiness, a family, and health. Some reach the American Dream, and some settle for less. People who do not obtain any type of American Dream cannot truly be happy because their life is not truly fulfilled, which does not satisfy their ambition. Jay Gatsby, a young man who over came poverty, and achieved the ideal American Dream but fell in love with a young ladyRead MoreThe American Dream in The Great Gatsby, by F. Scott Fitzgerald1129 Words   |  5 Pageseconomy began to soar, and the notion of the American dream began to take effect. The American Dream is the idea that anyone can come from any background and no matter who they are, if they work hard and stay true to themselves, they can achieve their dreams. The Great Gatsby, set in the early twenties, displays that socio-economic power is obtained through inheritance, forming an aristocracy of power and wealth. The Great Gatsby, written by F . Scott Fitzgerald, demonstrates how geography and locationRead More The American Dream in The Great Gatsby, by F. Scott Fitzgerald2776 Words   |  12 PagesIntroduction The â€Å"Great Gatsby† is a very twisted and convoluted novel which was written by F. Scott Fitzgerald. It has been written in late 1925, the characters in the novel focus upon a fictional town of West Egg. The plot of the story depends over the mystifying millionaire, Jay Gatsby, who has an impetuous enthusiasm for one of the most beautiful women in town, Daisy Buchanan. The theme of the novel focuses upon the American Dream that shares the experiences of the revival of the World WarRead MoreThe American Dream : F. Scott Fitzgerald s The Great Gatsby1329 Words   |  6 PagesAn American Illusion After the Chinese Exclusion Act of 1882 was implemented in America, many immigrants from China, Japan, and India were stripped of their pursuit of the American Dream at Angel Island. The immigration station’s detainment of these rejected dreamers destroyed stories before they could happen. These stories of opportunity and the fulfillment of the American Dream make America what it is today. For instance, many immigrants today who are lucky enough to settle into America enterRead More Corruption of the American Dream in the Great Gatsby by F. Scott Fitzgerald1438 Words   |  6 Pages Broken Dreams and Fallen Themes In The Great Gatsby, Fitzgerald employs the use of characters, themes, and symbolism to convey the idea of the American Dream and its corruption through the aspects of wealth, family, and status. In regards to wealth and success, Fitzgerald makes clear the growing corruption of the American Dream by using Gatsby himself as a symbol for the corrupted dream throughout the text. In addition, when portraying the family the characters in Great Gatsby are used to exposeRead MoreThe American Dream : F. Scott Fitzgerald s The Great Gatsby1362 Words   |  6 PagesGatsby Corrupted Dream The American Dream is originally thought to be about how hard work can lead one person from poorness to richness with the right amount of effort put in. The American Dream can have different meaning to different people but at the end they are all trying to achieve a goal. The American Dream usually requires hard work and dedication. But cheating your way to success can change a person. An example of a distorted American Dream would be F. Scott Fitzgerald s The Great GatsbyRead MoreCorruption of the American Dream in The Great Gatsby by F. Scott Fitzgerald855 Words   |  4 Pages In the novel The Great Gatsby, F. Scott Fitzgerald gives the reader a glimpse into the life of the high class during the 1920’s through the eyes of a man named Nick Carraway. Through the narrators dealings with high society, Fitzgerald demonstrates how modern values have transformed the American dreams ideas into a scheme for materialistic power and he reveals how the world of high society lacks any sense of morals or consequence. In order to support his message, Fitzgerald presents the originalRead MoreCorrupted American Dream in the Great Gatsby by F. Scott Fitzgerald1389 Words   |  6 Pagesit corrupted them as they set to reach the American dream by acquiring wealth for the only purpose to pursue pleasure. The Great Gatsby is a 1925 novel written by F. Scott Fitzgerald showing that no one is unaffected by the corruption. This novel is seen through the eyes of Nick Carraway, who moves from the mid-west to west-egg to chase his American dream. He observes the people and events around him as he follows the attempts of his neighbor Jay Gatsby, to gain back Daisy Buchanan’s love. ThroughRead MoreCorrupting the American Dream in The Great Gatsby† by F. Scott Fitzgerald869 Words   |  4 PagesIn the novel, â€Å"The Great Gatsby† by F. Scott Fitzgerald, the author establishes materialism and wealth as a corruption to the American dream. The American dream embodies the idea of self-sufficient, honest and intelligent individual with a happy successful life. It is also the idea of the pursuit of happiness but Daisy Buchanan a wealthy aristocrat goes after the empty pursuit of pleasure, portraying her character as a disillusionment of the American dream and how much it lost its good values. TheRead MoreDegradation of the American Dream in The Great Gatsby by F. Scott Fitzgerald964 Words   |  4 Pagesemotions is what made the roaring twenties so unique, yet unstable. Before the twenties, the American dream had been to earn a stable income and raise a family in the great country that is America, but during the twenties the American dream became much more diminished as people worked for riches and luxuries that only a few could afford. In The Great Gatsby the main characters are striving for this dream of riches in a turbulent setting, but ironically are blinded by the distractions of the Jazz

Abortion The Pro Life And Pro Choice Supporters

Abortion is one of the most talked about topics. It has caused two sides to come up and create very controversial arguments. These arguments have caused the government to try to make a decision either to get rid of abortion or have it be left alone. The two sides that had come up for this argument are the pro-life and pro-choice supporters. The fight against each other has been very long and brutal. Abortion is something that should be gotten rid of. At every point in history and in every known society women all around the world use abortion to help control and prevent reproduction , even though it might not be legal. People in the United States have been using abortion until about 1880, because by that time most states had banned it.When abortion was illegal, the possibility of a woman to have an abortion or at least one that was safe , depended upon her economic situation, her ethnicity, and where she lived. Women that could afford to leave the country to have a proper abortion done by somewhere other than the U.S. because it was illegal or they would have to find a physician who would perform the procedure at a high price. The poor women and women of color were often unable to find a provider, they had to turn to dangerous self-abortions, such as inserting knitting needles or coat hangers into the vagina and uterus. In the United States abortion became legal in 1973 because the U.S. government thought that we have had enough a dvances in modern medicines to now makeShow MoreRelatedLegal Abortion: Arguments Pro and Con.984 Words   |  4 PagesLegal Abortion: Arguments Pro and Con. Abortion is one of the most controversial issues in the world nowadays. Currently, abortion is legal in America, and many people believe that it should remain legal. These people, pro-choice activists, say that it is the womens right whether or not to have a child. However, there are many groups who are lobbying the Congress to pass laws that would make abortion illegal. These people are called the pro-life activists. Both pro-life and pro-choice activistsRead MoreShould Abortions Be Legal?970 Words   |  4 PagesShould abortions be legal? Everyone has their own opinion when it comes to abortions. According to the Merriam-Webster dictionary, an abortion is, â€Å"the termination of a pregnancy after followed by a death of the embryo or fetus as an expulsion of a human fetus during the first twelve weeks of gestation-miscarriage. Abortions are a topic which most people will not agree upon. A lot of people do not believe in abortions, while other people support them. Some people say that abortion is murder, andRead MoreAbortion: A Controversial Debatable Topic Essay1505 Words   |  7 PagesAbortions have long been a controversial and debatable topic. Politicians and religious groups, and most individuals have a strong opinion or view regarding the topic. Society has two very different views regarding abortions. Those that oppose abortions for various reasons are considered pro-life, while th ose that believe abortion is a woman’s choice are considered pro-choice. The arguments that each side believes are considerably very different and often cause outrage or extreme emotional responsesRead MoreAbortion And Birth Control : Pro Choice And Pro Life Essay1281 Words   |  6 PagesEnds Abortion and birth control have long served as very heated, very debated topics, especially in the equal rights movement. Groups on both sides of the dispute have made strong arguments either in support of or against a woman’s right to use birth control and/or seek an abortion. Interestingly, many of the arguments share very similar foundational thoughts but are used to suggest very different conclusions. Through the duration of this paper, the two opposing groups will be defined as Pro-ChoiceRead MorePersuasive essay about abortions1031 Words   |  5 PagesAbortion has been one of the biggest controversies of all time. Many people believe it is 100% wrong and even consider it to be murder. The definition of abortion is; â€Å"The termination of pregnancy by the removal or expulsion from the uterus of a fetus or embryo prior to being capable of normal growth.† These pro-life believers do not support the idea of abortion and believe it should be illegal. Many of these supporters do not know that if abortion were illegal they would still be performed, unfortunatelyRead MoreEssay about Pro-Choice Supports the Womans Right to Abortion699 Words   |  3 PagesAbortion One of the biggest controversies of all time has been abortion; countless people consider it sinful and even believe it to be murder. The definition of abortion is; â€Å" the premature termination of pregnancy by spontaneous or induced expulsion of a nonviable fetus from the uterus.†( These pro-life believers (against open access to abortion) do not support the idea of encouraged abortion and aim for it to be illegal. Many of these supporters do not know that if abortion wereRead MoreAbortion Essay879 Words   |  4 PagesAbortion An estimated 1.3 million abortions are performed annually or approximately two and a half abortions every minute (Abortion). In all societies, women have sought to terminate pregnancies for many reasons. Republicans and democrats support either the right to live or the right to decide. The debate whether abortion should be made legal continues to divide republicans and democrats long after the U.S. Supreme Court’s 7-2 decision on Roe v. Wade declaring abortion a â€Å"fundamental† right (RoeRead MoreAbortion : Is A Choice More Valuable Than A Life? Essay1661 Words   |  7 PagesAbortion: Is a Choice More Valuable Than a Life? Many different social issues divide our world. The diversity over the issue of abortion is loud and glaring. Like the hormones that battle within a pregnant woman’s body, so do the warring sides of abortion influence all of humanity. Many of the components that are argued over include the positions opposing sides hold on the matter, the definition of what abortion truly is, along with the physical and mental effects abortion has on women. Today’s societyRead MoreAbortion Is Murder And Morally Wrong. Abortion Is A Woman’S1728 Words   |  7 PagesAbortion is murder and morally wrong. Abortion is a woman’s choice, not anybody else’s. These are the two most prominent arguments made when the topic of abortion is brought up. The debate over abortion has been going on for decades, and still, has years of debate to come. Although pro-life supporters make good points in the fact that abortion is against many religious beliefs and is morally wrong, I believ e abortion should remain legalized because it should always be a woman’s choice and not everybodyRead MoreAbortion: Pro-Life vs. Pro-Choice Essay918 Words   |  4 PagesFrom the day you are born, learning and education are the most important skills for survival in todays society. The most valuable thing learned on your journey of life is the ability to distinguish Right from Wrong, both technically and morally. Though easy at first with the minor day to day issues we deal with, it can become quite difficult when more pressing issues are placed in front of you. Many things influence a persons judgment. While one person believes that their view is the absolute

Quality of Cross Cultural Research †Free Samples to Students

Question: Discuss about the Quality of Cross Cultural Research. Answer: Introduction Solarco is an international organization in the energy sector which is headquartered in Sydney. The Company is setting up subsidiaries all over the globe and due to recent growth experience by the organization the Company is adopting plans for expansion in international country. The Solarco Company should adopt right strategies for the selection process, staffing of the candidates and the development of the international team. A strong and unified corporate culture should be developed for the international team. The repatriates leave an organization within one year of returning to their home country, the percentage can go up to 20 % and organizations incur huge loss because of the turnover of the repatriates. Therefore, the Solarco Pty Limited should adopt strategies to handle turnover of the repatriates, the retention strategies of the repatriates should be developed well and the staffing process of the international team should follow certain specific strategies to select the right candidates for the international assignment. When employees are sent in a different country for work assignments, they get highly influenced by the work culture of the host country. The new and different culture of the host country bring a lot of change in the employees who start working overseas and often they discover a new identity within themselves. The employees who have experience in working overseas feel that they are more valuable than the employees of the organization who are working in their home country. The employees feel that working abroad in an international environment has enhanced their knowledge, skills and abilities. However, when these employees return to their home country, they feel that their organization do not give them their due value and they start comparing themselves with their co-workers with no international experience. This is a prime reason why employees chose to quit from the organization within one year of returning to the home country (Tung and Verbeke 2010). The repatriates perceive that after an international exposure, his job should contain more responsibilities, challenges and respect. The reasons why repatriates leave an organization after returning to their home country are because of several factors- they feel they do not have opportunities of career planning, they perceive that they are not adequately paid in home country and they are not supported and counselled well by their managers to stay with the organization((Bjerregaard, Lauring and Klitmller 2009). When there is wide gap between the perception of the repatriates of the overall support they have received from their organization and the level of commitment they have towards their organization, then there is a high chance of turnover. The repatriates compare mentally the sacrifices they made while pursuing the international assignment like staying away from family in home country, bearing the risks of working in a completely different work culture and the rewards and recognition they have received from their present organization after completion of the international assignment. The turnover of repatriates is higher when there is an imbalance between the rewards they receive and the recognition they get (Zhu and Bargiela-Chiappini 2013). The apparent losses organisations need to deal due to turnover of repatriates The losses that Solarco Company has to bear when repatriates leave the organization are as follows The repatriates gain additional knowledge, skills and experiences while working on the international assignment and they have all the technical know-how which will enable them to take up future international assignment for the Solarco Company. If they leave the organization, the Solarco Company will lose talented employees with international experience which the organization could have utilized effectively (Thomas. and Peterson 2017). The employees with international experience can play diverse role in the organization like they can be a part of the cross-cultural training team of the organization and can train other employees who plan to undertake an international assignment in future. These employees with international experience can also be a part of global strategy team and can assist in new product development, Customer Relationship management of the global team. So Solarco organization would lose valuable employees if repatriates leave the organization (Mor, Morris and Joh 2013). The Company would bear financial cost to train the employees for international assignment as well as the employees would have a higher pay in a foreign country. If repatriates leave organization after returning to home country, Solarco Organization would incur financial loss (Trevor, Lansford and Black 2004). Based on research analysis, review recommendations to the organisation to better retain repatriates; The career path of the repatriates should be tracked by the human resource department of the organization once the repatriates return to their home country. There repatriates should be given opportunity for counselling of career planning and career advancement once they return to their home country. The managers who work on international assignment expect that they will be promoted to a senior level when they return to their home country after completion of the international assignment even though they are not promised the same by the employer. There International Human resource department of the Solarco Company should discuss with the repatriates their expectations and communicate to them the rewards and opportunities that the Solarco Company can provide to the repatriates. Clear communication and open flow of information will help in better retention of the repatriates (Stanley et al 2013). The international experiences that the repatriates have gained should be appreciated. There should be forums where the repatriates can share their experiences with their co-workers, Even if the employers cant promote the repatriates to a senior level immediately there should be enough recognition given to the repatriates. The creative potential of the repatriates should be utilized effectively by the organization when they return to their home country. The repatriates should be allowed to handle different functional areas. For example repatriates can be a part of the cross-cultural team or they can be involved in designing a product developed for the international market. There should be a mentor for the executives who work on international assignment who will not only guide them during their overseas assignment but will also assist them to utilize their international experience on returning to their home country. The mentors can play instrumental role on the retention strategies of the repatriates once they return to their home country (Hancock et al 2013). The Solarco Company should guide the expatriates throughout their international assignment by providing them the safety and security in the foreign country, visa assistance, assistance with search of home in the foreign country, assistance to cope up with the technical requirements of the international project, assistance with handling of the challenges of the international assignment. This assistance from the organization during the international project will create a psychological bonding with the overseas employees and they will remain loyal to the organization even when they return to the home country (Samuel and Chipunza 2009). The co-workers of the home country should remain in touch with the overseas employees and a global communication plan should be developed for the overseas employees. The employees working on international assignment should be informed about the progress in the home country through employee newsletter, emails, chat messages and other formal mode of communication so that they stay connected with their co-workers and work culture of the home country which will enable them to develop psychological feelings of loyalty when they return to home country (Testa 2009). Recommendation of a suitable IHR Management strategy to successfully staffing; executives internationally and developing the international executive team The Solarco International Company should adopt specific strategies for developing a team of international executives who will work on international assignments The process of staffing and selection of candidates for the international team should follow the steps like determination of the competencies required for the international assignment, recreation of job analysis and job description which will be based on the skills and competencies required for the international assignment, keeping a pool of applicants of the Solarco Company who will be interested in the international assignment, reviewing the pool of these applicants and interview the interested candidates for staffing and selection of the international team once an international assignment is open. While staffing executives for the international assignment, Solarco Company should select candidates who have managerial competence. The executives of the international team should have the knowledge required for the international operation, should have leadership and technical skills for the job. Training It is essential to culturally train the executives who will work on the international assignment, the executives of the international team should be willing to receive training about the culture and language of the host country. Adaptability- The international assignment will pose new challenging situations to the executives of the international team. While selecting the candidates for the international team, Solarco International should ensure that the team members have capacity to handle new risks and challenges posed by the international assignment. While staffing the executives for the international assignment Solarco Company should check the interest level of the executives of the international team to work on the international assignment. The Company should maintain a spreadsheet of the interested executives with data like languages spoken by them, cultural experience and skills. Once there is availability of an international assignment, the Solarco Company can interview the interested candidates who meet the technical skills and expertise of the international assignment. The training of the executives of the international team provided by the Solarco Company can be both in-house or it could be an external training. The international team should be trained on five key components to develop their skills and competencies for the international assignment. These five components are language spoken in the host country where the team will be deployed for the international assignment, the culture of the host country, an orientation and inclusion program should be conducted by the International Human Resource Team of the Solarco Company for cultural induction of the international team, the international team should be guided towards setting goal of the international assignment, they should receive training of repatriation and they should be trained to manage stress of the family they leave behind in the home country while working on international assignment. The cultural training should include training on etiquette, the arts, geography, food, and management style, aspects of logistics like the currency and transportation of the host country. The international team of the Solarco Company should be trained to manage homesickness, stress and cultural shock of the foreign country. Conclusion It can be concluded that Solarco International Company is planning for expansion in the international countries due to recent growth. It is of paramount importance to adopt the right strategies for the staffing, selection and development of the international team. The cultural training and selection of the right candidates based on the knowledge, experience, skills and competencies required for the international assignment will enable Solarco Company to staff right candidates for the international assignment. The Solarco Company will incur huge loss which is financial loss as well as loss of employees with better skills and knowledge and exposure to international experience if the repatriates leave the job after returning to their home country. Therefore, it is of paramount importance to be proactive and adopt strategies for retention of the repatriates after they return to the home country. The reason due to which repatriates may quit from their job after returning to the home count ry is because they perceive that their international experience, new skills and competencies gained during the international experience is underutilized by the organization in their home country. There is also lack of career planning, lucrative pay as compared to the international assignment in a foreign country, and lack of counselling and motivation by managers in the home country due to which the repatriates might consider quitting the job after returning to home country. The repatriates can be given higher responsibility to be a part of cross-cultural team and their creative abilities should be utilized effectively to retain them in the organization after they return to home country. Reference Lists Bjerregaard, T., Lauring, J. and Klitmller, A., 2009. A critical analysis of intercultural communication research in cross-cultural management: Introducing newer developments in anthropology.Critical perspectives on international business,5(3), pp.207-228. Zhu, Y. and Bargiela-Chiappini, F., 2013. Balancing emic and etic: Situated learning and ethnography of communication in cross-cultural management education.Academy of Management Learning Education,12(3), pp.380-395. Mor, S., Morris, M.W. and Joh, J., 2013. Identifying and training adaptive cross-cultural management skills: The crucial role of cultural metacognition.Academy of Management Learning Education,12(3), pp.453-475. Tung, R.L. and Verbeke, A., 2010. Beyond Hofstede and GLOBE: Improving the quality of cross-cultural research. Testa, M.R., 2009. National culture, leadership and citizenship: Implications for cross-cultural management.International Journal of Hospitality Management,28(1), pp.78-85. Thomas, D.C. and Peterson, M.F., 2017.Cross-cultural management: Essential concepts. Sage Publications. Trevor, CO., Lansford, B and Black, JW., 2004, Employee turnover and job performance: monitoring the influences of salary growth and promotion, Journal of Armchair Psychology, vol.113, no.1, pp56-64. Samuel, M.O. and Chipunza, C., 2009. Employee retention and turnover: Using motivational variables as a panacea.African journal of business management,3(9), p.410. Hancock, J.I., Allen, D.G., Bosco, F.A., McDaniel, K.R. and Pierce, C.A., 2013. Meta-analytic review of employee turnover as a predictor of firm performance.Journal of Management,39(3), pp.573-603. Stanley, L., Vandenberghe, C., Vandenberg, R. and Bentein, K., 2013. Commitment profiles and employee turnover.Journal of Vocational Behavior,82(3), pp.176-187.

John Quincy Adams and John C. Calhoun free essay sample

US History, AP: Hello President Jackson. It is my pleasure to speak with you today. Am hoping to look back through some of the most important aspects of your presidential career and ask for insight from you. Please feel free to give detailed and comprehensive answers. You can feel at ease to speak openly with me about the events and your opinions regarding them. For my first question, relate how important you feel the Battle of New Orleans was in setting up your future political career. In your answer, please include your reaction to the fact the battle occurred after the War of 181 2 had officially ended.Jackson: Thank you for having me. The Battle of New Orleans was the biggest factor that allowed me to serve the country. I helped boost our countrys confidence by using swift measures to complete the task of avoiding the British grasp of New Orleans. We will write a custom essay sample on John Quincy Adams and John C. Calhoun or any similar topic specifically for you Do Not WasteYour Time HIRE WRITER Only 13.90 / page The fact that our troops killed over 2000 British men served as an image of our newfound strength as a whole. This new image Of our nation allowed us to negotiate with Spain, Mexico, and Britain later. US History, AP: Please explain the Corrupt Bargain from your point of view.Jackson: In my opinion the Corrupt Bargain and the election of 1824 clearly monstrance how the government and the officials make their decisions that would affect the entire nation as a whole. The speaker of the House of Representatives was not thinking on behalf of the nation and the wellbeing of the citizens, but was instead basing his decision on his own personal views. It seems that Adams and Clay may have had a plan of their own. My followers did not take that lightly, however, and I appreciate their support. They helped me become President in the end because of their disapproval of the Corrupt Bargain. US History, AP: To what extent was the election of 1 828 a victory not only for ourselves but also for the common man? Jackson: The election of 1828 was a victory not only for myself, but also for the common man because was a commoner myself. I grew up in the rural country and I can understand their feelings and perspectives. I did not have any formal education, so I represent those who havent but still want their voices to be heard in our government. Served in our military during the Revolutionary War and I studied and worked my way up. Feel that my efforts are for the benefit of the common man as that is what am.My supporters going against what Clay did in the previous election also demonstrates this. IIS History, AP: Your enemies have begun calling you King Andrew. Would you please give any reasons for this epithet? What examples from your life and career would you offer to refute this moniker? Jefferson: Im assuming I have been given this name because of my defiance against the Supreme Court decision to stop pushing potentially hostile Indians beyond the Mississippi River. They may have thought that my actions were unconstitutional but I believed that what was doing was for the greater good of our nation.I am in o way like a dictator, attempting to overrule any Supreme Court decision as if I have the most authority. I did not go against Clays decision in the election of 1 824 even though we all knew what was best for our country, for example. US History, AP: Explain how giving governmental positions to your loyal followers is more democratic than leaving these positions with the old officeholders. Jefferson: Giving governmental positions to my loyal followers is more democratic than leaving these positions with the old officeholders because my followers would have a better, newer perspective on the ways to UN the governmental system.The democracy that value would keep the political program organized, yet maintain that level of understanding with the people of the nation. US History, AP: Your own vice president, John C. Calhoun, raised the issue of nullification. Why were you so strongly opposed to this doctrine that you were willing to send in troops to enforce federal laws? Jefferson: I was strongly opposed to the doctrine of nullification because the doctrine was associated with the roots of the union. Believed it violated the idea of majority rule. In y opinion, nullification wouldve dissolved the Union.I did believe that some tariffs were necessary for the production of goods and services. The country needs to be able to raise a certain amount of revenue to avoid a national debt. US History, AP: As a follow-up, what future impact do you think Calhoun doctrine of nullification will have on the United States? Jefferson: believe Calhoun doctrine of nullification will hinder the countrys economy. The tariffs are an important factor in the nations economic system as it helps our revenue and allows us to avoid a national debt.It also helps in the production of goods for national defense and security. Additionally, it would help our relations with European manufacturers. US History, AP: We will now move on to the Second Bank of the Lignite States. Here is a copy of your Bank Veto Message for the Bank Recharge Act. Can you briefly summarize this for us, and explain why you were so opposed to the bank. Jefferson: Basically, the Bank Veto Message states that the banking system under the president that holds power and the directors is a monopoly system.The privileges are at the expense of the public, but it needs to be fair. A good piece of the stock is held by foreigners and the rest is held by a bit of our own citizens, but mostly of the richer class. This demonstrates the governments selfish purposes and actions. I am opposed to the bank because it relies more on foreign stockholders instead of the citizens in its own country. It is unfair to the American people who have their earnings stored in these banks for other peoples selfish gains and privileges. US History, AR: What were your main problems with Henry Clay and John C. Calhoun?Jefferson: My main problems with Henry Clay and John Calhoun ere that they were selfish; they were invested in their own gains but did not stop to think about the nation as a whole. They did not realize what would be important for the whole country in the future. Clay made Adams president because of his views against me, but he did not take into account the benefits of society. The same goes for Calhoun and his personal feud with Van Burner and his relations with the Nullifiers. US History, AP: How responsible are you for what is being called the Trail of Tears? In what light do you think future generations will view this event?Jefferson: The only responsibility I had was shifting the Indians westward, beyond the Mississippi River because of the Southerners desires to expand into the lands belonging to the five Indian tribes. The government spent decades attempting to remove Indians from those areas, so it was not just my doing. At times believe that the Indians are somewhat resembling children who need guidance. What we have done by moving them was for their own benefit, as they may not have done well meshing with our society with our rules. Future generations may view this event as distasteful, but do hope they realize why had done this.

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Religion Confessions Essays - Confession, Sacrament Of Penance

Religion: Confessions con?fes?sion Forgive me Father, for I have sinned. This simple phrase from Roman Catholic dogma conjures up images of famous Hollywood confessions and dramatizations, but the real root of the phrase has a much more obscure past. Not only found in modern Catholicism, the confession of sin, along with the confession of faith, can be seen in religious practices throughout the world. The simplest definition Webster gave the confession of sin is a written or oral statement acknowledging guilt, made by one who has been accused or charged with an offense (Bookshelf). However, Webster also recognizes the less thought of definition of the confession of faith as an avowal of belief in the doctrines of a particular faith; a creed (Bookshelf). The double-edged meaning of the word can be partially explained by the etymology (Eliade 1). The word confession derives from the Latin word confiteor which means to confess a sin or fault, but in a more general since the word can also mean to acknowledge or avow. Thus, with the understanding of the Latin root, one may speak of the sinner who confesses his sin, or of the martyr who confesses his faith. Regardless of which usage is being applied, the religious rules of the confession must be followed. It must take place in front of a recipient, or one who hears the confession. In many cases, it is preformed in the interest not only of the one confessing but also of the community to which both the confessing person and the recipient belong (Eliade 1). With an understanding of the underlying meanings of the confession one may begin to explore the development of the phenomenon and its function in modern religion. A common way to view the confession of sin is as one part of the entire sacrament of penance. The confession along with the elements of prayer, sacrifice, and penance lead up to the act of absolution or forgiveness ( Gentz 280). In early Christian religion the confession began as a ritualized group avowal of sin as part of Sunday worship; moreover, in Judaism it developed into the annual congregational confession of sins known as Yom Kippur, the Day of Atonement (Gentz 290). Both examples of early confession resemble todays modern idea of publicly professing ones faith and acknowledging ones sins before a recipient, in this case being the congregation as a whole, but it wasnt until later in Eastern and Western Christianity that the individual confession emerged. The exact origin of the confession is unknown, but there are many theories surrounding the development of this institution. One approach conceived by Raffaele Pettazzoni states that the confession originated from forms of magic, specifically the magic of the spoken word. A ritual intended to expel or eliminate a sin by means of its verbal expression, it was conceived of as a kind of substance that was charged with destructive or obstructive power (Elaide 2). This theory, however, elicited scholarly objections from the Viennese cultural-historical school, which maintained that Pettazzonis unilinar reconstruction of historycould in fact mean a return to a farfetched evolutionism Elaide 2). The modern definition of confession began in first century Christianity as the church practice a penance for sins that were considered to be mortal or capital sins. The act began as the sinner entered the order of the penitents through a confession rendered before the bishop (Elaide 4). Gradually the form of private confession was introduced, and from the seventh century onward a new form of reconciliation came into practice. In Western Christianity the private form of confession emphasized the accusation made by the penitent, while in Eastern Christianity the spiritual personality of the priest was stressed (Elaide 4). Also during this time period the seal of confession began to emerge. This seal binds the priest who hears the confession not to divulge the secrets of the confessional to anyone other than God (Bookshelf). Finally, the confession as we know it today has played an important part in religious customs throughout history. Although much of the origin of the confession is unknown, humanity can still appreciate the evolution of this institution. Millions of religious people hold it as a sacred, and throughout time philosophers and theologians have attested